Financial Advisor Directory

This directory only contains Financial Advisors and Financial Planners located in Canada that offer 'fee-based' or 'fee-only' services as opposed to the advisors being paid a commission by mutual fund companies to get people into their funds.

Fee-based Financial Planners tend to have a more objective approach to your finances and are able to provide advice and products that are best for you. They are not beholden to a certain company or brand to sell their investment products.

Financial Advisors

Bespoke Financial Consulting Inc
Bespoke Financial Consulting Inc. - Bespoke Financial Consulting provides independent and objective financial education and advice. Fee-for-service only.
Joe Barbieri Financial Planner
Joe Barbieri Financial Planner - Operates a fee only financial planning, education and consulting practice. We charge a fee for advice only, which means no product selling, low fees and complete objectivity and transparency.
Astrolabe Financial Group
Astrolabe Financial Group - Offer unbiased financial advice to clients in the Ottawa area. We provide financial planning advice, billed on a hourly basis.
Annie Kvick Certified Financial Planner
Annie Kvick Certified Financial Planner - Offers fee-for-service, unbiased, professional financial advice incl. financial planning, retirement planning, cash flow and debt management and life transition planning (incl divorce). In Vancouver.
Fee-based Financial Advisor in Canada
Objective Financial Partners Inc.
8500 Leslie Street, Suite 101
Markham, Ontario L3T 7M8
Fee-based Financial Advisor in Canada
Efficient Wealth Management
39 Lakeshore Rd. East, Suite 100A
Mississauga, Ontario L5G 1C9
Fee-based Financial Advisor in Canada
Forest Financial Planning
115 Bank Street, Suite 23
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5N5

If you are a fee only financial planner and would like your information displayed on this site, please email [email protected]. Canadian fee-based Financial Planners/Advisors only please.